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Martial Arts Articles

1: Martial Arts - The Various Styles
Uncover different kinds of fighting methods and how they can be utilized around the globe at present. Learn about self-defense martial arts and examples of the more more complicated varieties.

2: Tips To Make Martial Arts Stretching More Efficient
Martial arts have grown in popularity over the years, and just as programs differ, the stretching requirements for them differ, also. Taekwondo, northern shaolin and savate all have many movements requiring extremely high kicks, and so flexibility stretching programs for them should emphasize stretching the legs, increasing the flexibility in hamstrings and hips; however, in the grappling arts the flexibility stretches would focus more on the core body and arms. A newcomer to martial arts should focus on overall flexibility, and develop more customized martial arts stretching program as advancement in the program is achieved.

3: Aikido, The Latest Martial Art
The sphere of Martial Arts is one of the most important contributions of Asia to the world. Who will forget Bruce Lee and the fact that he was first and foremost a martial arts competitor before becoming a movie star? Martial arts pictures are a huge hit with the ever-increasing popularity of Asian cinema like 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' and more recently 'The House of the Flying Daggers'.

4: Defensive Power
Blacksmiths have, over the centuries, poured their will and time into the creation of tools that help those wishing to gain power or preserve peace attain their goals. Even in these times of guns and electricity, honor is paid to those who craft, and yet the light has focused on only the craftsmen that create weaponry. They share an honorable craft to be sure, but what of those that create armor and tools of defense?

5: Learn To Improve Your Street Fighting Abilities and Techniques
What happens when you are stuck in a street fight and there is no one around to help you? It is crucial to realize the fact that you must be able to support yourself and not depend on external factors to help you. You must learn street fighting tactics. If you learn street fighting maneuvers you will be able to know that they are the most capable forms of self defense and do not need any kind of weapons. They can be learned by almost any person of any size or gender. The street fighting tactics are the most fierce or sensible ways to defend your self from serious attacks and assaulter.

6: Learning The Techniques and Training Of Tai Chi
The prevalence of the oldest schools of learning on dynamic principles of today is believed to be the aftermath of the ongoing and ever-rising practice in Tai Chi. The term Tai Chi originates from the Tai Ji symbol which is commonly known in the Western World as the Yin and Yang.

7: Have You Ever Thought ABout Starting Karate?
Karate lessons do not only teach self defense but also the strengthen body and train the practitioner in the correct body posture. At the begining Karate lessons teach the students about the basic linear movements and as the practitioner advances in the art of Karate the Karate lessons teach him/her about combining the linear and circular moves to get an advantage over the opponent. All the Karate lessons can be segregated in five basic moves which are: Single strike Multiple strike Soft strike Hard strike Long strike Short strike

8: 91% of What You Learn From Martial Arts Schools Will Get You Hurt Badly During A Real Fight
91% Of What You've Learned From Your Local Karate Schools, Or Strip Mall Martial Arts Classes, Will Get You Killed In A Real Street Fight.

9: Things You Need To Know About Ninja Nujitsu and a Nunchaku
The word Ninja conjures up many thrilling images of feudal Japan when secret operations practically characterized the whole era. Espionage and assassinations were an ordinary thing and if there were anybody who could execute such missions with unfailing precision, it would be the Ninjas. Aside from their mastery of physical movements, these highly trained fighters also banked on their strategically designed weapons which always gave them an advantage over their enemies.

10: Ninjutsu Training ? More Than Just Martial Arts
Weight problems are some of the common issues among people from all walks of life and ages. Children or adults, rich or poor, Western or Oriental, overweight is always viewed as a health hazard and this has led to the growing public consciousness about keeping fit and healthy.

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