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Diabetes Articles

1: A Diabetic's Exercise and Weight Loss Program
Overweight and obese individuals have increased probability of developing Type 2 Diabetes. To minimize the risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes, it is very important for people to eat healthy, exercise, and lose weight. Weight management and exercise go together very well for diabetics.

2: Help for Diabetics: Exercise and Weight Loss
People who are overweight and obese have high odds of getting Type 2 Diabetes. To lessen the possibility of getting Type 2 Diabetes, people need to eat healthy, exercise and lose weight. Weight loss and exercise go together very well for diabetics.

3: What Is The Best Diet Plan For Diabetics?
Many times, type II diabetes can be controlled with diet. Of course, it is also helpful it this type of diet helps you lose weight as well. As a diabetic myself, I tried numerous diets before I had any success. Diets low in simple carbohydrates worked best for me. One I recommend is the Atkins low carb diet. With a good diet, weight reduction, and some exercise, you may be able to eliminate your anti-hyperglycemic medications. You need to stay informed and take control of your own health. You cannot depend solely on the medical community to solve your problems.

4: Information On The Subject Of Diabetic Foot Care
If you happen to be Diabetic, nerve damage may well prevent appropriate blood circulation to your feet. Neglecting your feet will probably lead to serious issues such as infection and amputation.

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